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ласковый мерзавец

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Russia now 'top heroin consumer'

Russia says it has become the world's biggest consumer of heroin.

The head of Russia's anti-narcotics service, Victor Ivanov, said that seizures of Afghan heroin were up 70%.

Speaking ahead of a meeting in Vienna of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs, he called on the UN to do more to fight the problem.

Mr Ivanov, a former KGB officer and senior Kremlin official, said the flood of the drug from Afghanistan posed a threat to Russia's national security.

He painted a grim picture, says the BBC's James Rodgers in Moscow. He said the drug was partly to blame for rising crime and a fall in Russia's population.


ласковый мерзавец

А ведь хотел как лучше

Наткнулся на интересную статейку о чудаке который обезглавил свою жену. А ведь какой хороший человек сам по себе, основатель канала посвященному "балансированию негативного восприятия мусульман после 9го Сентября".